Adult Sunday School

2 Timothy

Sundays • 9am • Worship Center

Alex Hoad • All Adults Welcome

2 Timothy is unique in that it is Paul's farewell letter to his dear disciple Timothy. We can see both the passion that drove Paul to write it and the essential teachings meant to encourage Timothy to stay on course in spite of persecution and cultural pressure. Truths that are just as applicable for us today.

Other Classes

Financial Stewardship Class


Adult Women's Class


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Financial Stewardship Class

Sundays • 9am • The Upper Room

Randy Sinn

Learn how to beat debt, take control of your money, build wealth, give generously, and secure your family's future! Together, we will walk through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, financial planning, and much more.

Adult Women's Class

Sundays • 9am • Baby Cry Room

Tricia McMillan

The book of Ruth is a magnificent proclamation of God's sovereignty, mercy, grace, and steadfast love in the midst of darkness. It is abounding with riches to be mined, trumpeting hope and purpose, not in spite of overwhelming suffering, but through overwhelming suffering. Ruth culminates with promise on the grandest scale with the plan of redemption including an "outsider" who God sovereignly placed in the line of King David, and consequently in the line of the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ!