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Young Men's Bible Study

Mondays • 7pm • Youth Center

Romans • Alex Glasgow

What do you believe and why? Join us Monday nights for an examination of key doctrines of the faith.

Adult Home Bible Study

Tuesdays • 7pm • Jeff & Patty Craig's Home

1 Peter • Chuck Moore

Join us Tuesday nights for a comforting study of 1 Peter and fellowship.

Mothers Together in Scripture

Tuesdays • 6:30pm • Youth Center

Selected Scriptures • Kathy Weeks

Join us Tuesday nights for an encouraging time in the Word.

Women's Bible Study

Resumes January 3rd

The Names of God • Marilyn Ecker

Join us upstairs in the office complex on Wednesday mornings as we examine the names of God.

By studying such rich and varied names as Adonay, El Shadday, Abba, Yeshua, Lamb of God, and Prince of Peace, readers will encounter a God who is utterly holy, powerful, surprising, merciful, and loving. Each week’s study includes:

  • Background information to help readers understand the name
  • A key Scripture passage in which the name was first or most significantly revealed
  • A series of questions for individual or group study
  • A list of Bible passages for further reflection

For more information about this series, visit:

Small Group Bible Study

Thursdays • 6:45pm • Angerbauers' Home

James • Alex Hoad

Let's come together for fellowship, prayer, and the study of the letter from James where he covers practical, every-day insights into living out the Christian life.

Dads & Lads Breakfast

Saturdays • 7am • Church Foyer

Proverbs • Jim Poyner

Men of All Ages Welcome

Join us for breakfast and a discussion-based Bible Study from the book of Proverbs. Breakfast is served from 7-7:30am prior to the study.