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Adult Home Bible Study

1 Peter

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Small Group Bible Study

The "One Anothers"

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Young Men's Bible Study

Mondays • 7pm • Youth Center

Romans • Alex Glasgow

What do you believe and why? Join us Monday nights for an examination of key doctrines of the faith.

Adult Home Bible Study

Tuesdays • 7pm • Larry & Noemi Tanis' Home

1 Peter • Chuck Moore

Join us Tuesday nights for a comforting study of 1 Peter and fellowship.

Women Together in Scripture

Tuesdays • 6:30pm • Youth Center

Meets Every Other Week and in Various Homes throughout the Summer

Join us Tuesday nights for an encouraging time in the Word.

Small Group Bible Study

Thursdays • 6:45pm • Angerbauers' Home

The "One Anothers" • Alex Hoad

Let's come together for fellowship, prayer, and the study of the letter from James where he covers practical, every-day insights into living out the Christian life.

Dads & Lads Breakfast

Saturdays • 7am • Church Foyer

Proverbs • Jim Poyner

Men of All Ages Welcome

Join us for breakfast and a discussion-based Bible Study from the book of Proverbs. Breakfast is served from 7-7:30am prior to the study.