Equipping Hour

Zechariah: The King is Coming

Sundays • 9am • Worship Center
Pastor Bill Walker • Everyone Welcome

No eschatology is complete or true which does not embrace the prophecy of Zechariah. Written to comfort Israel after the remnant’s return from Babylon, Zechariah’s message assured the Israelites that the Lord had not abandoned His people. Join us as we trace the flow of history to its climax when Christ will reign over the earth from His throne in Jerusalem.

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Evangelism Training

Sundays • 9am • The Upper Room
Chris Weathers • Space is Limited
Workbook: $10

Proclaiming the gospel should be as simple as telling people about Jesus, right? Well, yes and no. The manner in which you proclaim the gospel may vary--the message must not. God's Word is clear on what the gospel is and isn't.

This class is a thirteen week course that will train you to clearly and understandably proclaim the gospel message. Each lesson will help you think through the vital aspects of a God-centered message, while "Evangelism Keys" will provide practical applications to assist you. Lesson topics include:

  • The marks of a God-centered message
  • How to start and end a gospel conversation
  • What to say when presenting the gospel
  • How to respond when rejected
  • Guidelines for evangelizing children
  • Guidelines for discipling those who repent

The goal of Evangelism Training is to assist you in glorifying God by proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ!

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